NBA Finals 2013 Recap Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs

Basketball Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “NBA Finals 2013 Recap Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs”

  1. SOD1017bricksquad

    Well now he gets to do it in Cleveland

  2. amanda mendoza

    This was the games and moments that WE Heat fans will always remember.
    Thanks bron for helping the Heat to win those CHAMPIONSHIP! It was a hell
    of a run. An AMAZING FOUR YEARS. We will never forget all the hardwork and
    sacrifices you did for my hometown bron. Now, I think it’s time for your
    city to experience what you guys did for Miami. Good luck to you and your
    team, you will be missed here in Miami but thank you for the memories :).
    Best wishes! Win Rings for your Hometown! Bye bron..

  3. Smileyfacedkiller

    part two in 4 days! I’ve got the heat winning it again.

  4. Sandra- iJustWantASwedishGuy

    I remember this finals very well, waking up in 2AM so i could watch every
    single game, and every single night i cried cause i couldnt be there in
    tthat beautiful crowd screaming DEFENSE, oh Gosh…One day i hope that im
    gonna be there screaming for my team
    And btw they could put more birdman actions

  5. Pako misw

    Anyone knows the name of the music during the game 6????
    Please, if someone know that name please responde this message…

  6. Terrel dgarnett

    Too hyped for the rematch. Lets go heat!!! 

  7. NathanielROBLOXFan Carlos

    10:02 bosh wanted a high five lol

  8. PlayinLosAngeles

    The most compelling and spectacular finals I have watched…. so happy the
    Heat won it.

  9. Ant8182ify

    Man i COULD FEEL THE ENERGY !!! i wanted to go play ball right after this

  10. rocketman4659

    game 6. never gets old

  11. Saif Alonso

    Omg a game to remember i cried :(

  12. Pure Hazee

    James came through so big by hitting all those jump shots. He shocked me by
    how much responsibility he took. Nothing was better than finally watching
    the spurs choke out the finals, great season!

  13. kevin saballeth

    Miami heat vs san antonio spurs final 2014 yes

  14. Jonathan Mengsteab

    Dis shit make me want to cry bruhh sours beyter do they thing this year cus
    if lebron keeps winning they going to day he better than jordan and u know
    dat some bs the clostest to jordan was kobe no if and or buts about it
    spurs had dem nigguhs last year just they got cocky with it but put money
    they got it this year

  15. Gabriel Feijó

    What is the name of the song that play at 7:48?

  16. gaygay

    fuck miami

  17. Jyoti Mehta


  18. Mohammed Osman

    Screw the heat. If only leonard didnt miss his foul shot in the last minute
    they would have won. Oh well, sprus will get it this time!

  19. Franxis Mejia

    nada Mas Pensar que viene otra serie igual se me pone la piel fria

  20. Tshering Tobgyal

    Love the Miami for ever

  21. Evelyn Castro

    Trying not to cry!
    Cry’s alot!!!;.) 

  22. Alex OneLL


  23. Suhail Pervaz

    What’s the last song? From like 10mins onwards to the end?

  24. Warsay Ermias
  25. heikiu96z

    Final mvp: ray Allen,
    Bitch he shouldn’t go to the heat

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